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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Health Testing is completed on our Parent Dogs?

All of our breeding dogs have the National Breed Club Recommended Health testing as well as all health testing recommended by our vet. 


The Golden Retriever Club of America recommends Final OFA or PennHIP Hip and Elbow testing completed at 24 months of age of older. They also recommend OFA Eye and Heart testing completed at 12 months of age or older. Lastly, they recommend at least one parent dog be DNA tested for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL). 


The Newfoundland Club of America considers it necessary to test all breeding stock for the following health clearances- OFA Final Hips & Elbows at 24 months of age or older, OFA Heart testing completed by a cardiologist, and cystinuria DNA testing cleared by DNA or parentage. The NCA also strongly recommends testing OFA thyroid, eyes and patella's. 


The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of American recommends breeding dogs have all of the following: AKC profile number, Final OFA Hip & Elbow Testing Completed at 24 months of age of older, CERF or OFA eye examination, OFA heart evaluation, DNA testing for DM, SOD1-A, SOD1-B, and Von Willebrand. Cleared by parentage is acceptable. 

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit and meet our family! The dogs love visitors! If you would like to do a facetime visit, I can accommodate that too. We would love to show you around and why we think Michigan is so special.

Where do your dogs live?

All of our dogs live inside our home. Our dogs even find themselves curled up in our bed every night! They are absolutely not raised in kennels. We spoil our dogs rotten and they are our family members. 

What do you feed your dogs?

My dogs and puppies eat different varieties of Fromm Dog Kibble. The puppies are raised on Fromm Gold Label Large Breed Puppy kibble and my adult dogs eat Fromm Gold Label Large Breed Adult kibble. Each puppy will go home with a 5 pound bag of food they're currently on to make a smooth transition along with a few packets of Forti Flora probiotics to keep their tummies happy. I personally feed all of my animals (dogs and horses) the joint supplement, Cosequin, for added support. 

What are the Grooming Requirements of Golden Retrievers, Berners, and Newfies?

I recommend booking a grooming appointment for you dogs every 8 weeks after all of their puppy shots have been completed. It's a great idea to brush them weekly and keep up on ear cleanings and nail trimmings. Never shave a double-coated breed. Puppies will come home to you already being socialized and experienced with their first groom. I have a close friend who is extra patient and understanding with the puppies and helps me give their final baths before their go-home date. 

Is puppy delivery available?

Absolutely! If you are not able to come to my home and pick the puppy up in person, I am more than willing to deliver the puppy myself via driving or flying for a reasonable fee. I do not use a flight nanny or service; I want to meet you and am happy to spend any extra time I can with the pups! The closest airports are DTW (Detroit) and TOL (Toledo). 

What is your focus on in your breeding program?

We breed with two main goals--temperament and health/longevity. We work very hard at studying pedigrees and searching for cancer free lines. While no pedigree is perfect, we try our absolute best to guarantee we are producing the healthiest puppies we can. 

Are you the right breeder for me?

I'm definitely not the right breeder for everyone. If you are looking to get a puppy and never hear from your breeder again, I'm the wrong one! We invest an incredible amount of time with each and every puppy we raise. I am responsible for the quality of life my babies have. I tell more people no than I do yes. I require a minimum of yearly updates on the puppy. Bottom line, if you don't want a lifetime friendship to some extent, I'm probably not the right breeder for you.

What is your policy on spaying and neutering?

It is stated in my breeding agreement that my puppies are not to be spayed or neutered until they are 24 months old per my vet's recommendation on the latest large and giant breed research.

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