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We're the Salows! Our animal adventures all started when my husband, Jimmy, and I started dating in 2017 during college. I would visit him often at his home and fell in love with his parent's new Golden Retriever puppy, Daisy. Daisy and I formed a strong bond during my frequent visits! When Jimmy and I married in 2019, Jimmy's parents knew that Daisy would be the happiest living with us and being a part of our new family. I was so excited--she was my first big dog! Jimmy grew up with Goldens and I had a Bichon Frise named Princess. Daisy is my heart dog who opened my eyes to the love and loyalty dogs can provide. Her companionship and affection is what made me fall in love with Golden Retrievers!

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We decided Daisy needed a friend, so we chose to add a Bernese Mountain Dog to the family--along came Miss Meadow! Adding a Berner was an easy choice, they're so beautiful and even keeled. Meadow came from a fabulous breeder who took me under her wing and taught me so much about the world of ethical breeding! I learned about the importance of health testing, early socialization and temperament testing, to being a lifelong support line to puppy families and friends. I dove straight-in to researching and learning all I could about what makes a breeding program unique and special and have been learning ever since. 

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Our beloved Daisy produced the most special singleton Golden Retriever puppy, Sage around Christmas 2021. Sage stole our hearts and is the special pup in our pack that keeps us laughing! After our family grew to three special dogs, we knew it was time to leave the neighborhood and purchase a property that was Dog Heaven! We put our first home up for sale and had an offer accepted on a 5-acre farm in Petersburg, Michigan a week later. Our farm has a huge yard for the dogs and we always enjoy a trail walk with our morning cup of coffee!  Having the additional space meant more opportunities to grow our family. In 2022, we made use of the extra room and added our big Newfoundland, Fern, to the pack! Big Fern may be the baby, but she is by far the largest member of the pack. Fern can always be found lying on a cool surface and never shies from giving the biggest, sloppiest kiss! 

newborn golden retriever puppy sleeping
Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog & Golden Retriever posing for camera

On top of having four babies of our own, we are active fosters for the Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue and most-often have an extra Berner staying with us and experiencing what it's like to live in a home that is safe and full of love. We also have many friends, family members, and clients we dog-sit for and have made them a part of the J & J Meadows Family. A few other important family members include our 17 chickens, 3 barn kitties, and a special little mini horse.


 People always ask us how in the world we do it with four big dogs--after they meet our girls, they understand how loved and truly special they are. We live and breathe for our dogs and we never take a moment for granted spending precious time with them. I'm so excited and grateful you stumbled upon our page and am excited to meet you and see if one of our puppies may be the perfect fit for your family. 

With Love,

Jenna & Jimmy Salow

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